Tony Clement gives new meaning for ‘fiscal conservative’ as Harper’s ‘Minister without receipts’

So, if I understand the news correctly, Tony Clement, Conservative MP for Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ontario, the riding where the G8 was held the day before the G20 was held in Toronto, Canada, June 2011, and the current President of the Treasury Board, there were no receipts for some $50 million spent in his riding (never mind the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the G20 fiasco).

So, a cabinet minister who can show no receipts about how $50 million dollars was spent, is in charge of overseeing all government spending (and, of course, cutbacks)?!

I think we should consider it as a new position that has been created: ‘Minister without receipts’.

This new position will replace the position of ‘Minister of State without any responsibilities attached’ (I don’t believe that was the actual title, but it is the description in Wikipedia, which I have quoted here), which was a position that replaced ‘minister without portfolio’, under the government of Progressive Conservative Brian Mulroney.

‘Minister without portfolio’ was seen as a ‘patronage appointment’, according to Wikipedia, but it points out that the position had actually been filled by future Canadian prime ministers (see the Wikipedia article: Of course, they have had nothing to do with patronage appointments.

The new position enables the ‘minister without receipts’ to spend taxpayers’ money, preferably in the tens or hundreds of millions or billions, preferably in cabinet ministers’ ridings, while ensuring that no receipts will be accepted.

Well, it certainly gives the term ‘fiscal conservative’ new meaning, eh?!


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