Student Debt Reins in Student Choices

One other aspect, that I forgot to add (and I am sure there are more that others can think of and perhaps add…), is that:

(6) 1970s-1980s: 20-30 years ago and students came out of university with no or little debt, or at least it was a minimal amount and under reasonable terms (there were grants for poor students and such similar attempts to level the playing field….).

This meant that they did not begin life with a mini-mortgage weighing them (and their start in life) down, which forces them to take on board jobs rather than being able to pursue a particular passion or career.

How can young people have a chance to start out, to go travelling, or work for a charity or volunteer?? The harm it does to society is unnecessary.

There is a cartoon posted on Rachel Serda’s blog:

It’s what brought that idea to mind…..


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